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Karen Macedonio

Position: President
Term: Elected, full term.  Next election 11/08/2022
Karen Macedonio

Trainings Completed:

Ethics Certificate

CSDA: Sexual Harassment Prevention

CSDA: Special District Leadership Certificate

CSDA: Navigating the Surplus Land Act



Born in Redlands, CA, Karen was elected to the East Kern Health Care Board of Directors in 2018, for a term that ends 2022.  With a business background that spanned over 30 years in wholesale produce, she found her passion for spirituality, mental health and well-being, and physical health when she certified as a Life Coach, an Executive Coach, and an NLP Master Practitioner.  

After almost 2 decades of experience as a volunteer with L.A. County Department of Mental Health, she was drawn to public service to put all her extensive knowledge to use in Eastern Kern County.  Karen has lived in California City since 2013 and is dedicated to the health and well-being of our rural population.