Mrs. Heathman brings more than three decades of experience as a Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant and Family Nurse Practitioner to the board.  She earned her Masters Degree in Public Health from UCLA.  Mrs. Heathman has been involved in health care in California City and involved with the District since 1998. Shirley's term ends 2020.  Contact Shirley at

Shirley Heathman

Robert was born in New York City, NY in 19338.  He graduated from Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark, NJ in 1965.  He attended one year at the University of Notre Dame, then four years at the USAF Academy graduating with a BS in 1961.  He entered the United States Air Force and served 15 years as a airlift pilot, a psywar pilot, and worked in Plans and Operations.  He came to California City in 1978.  Robert retired after serving 15 years with the California City Fire Department and 30 years as a reporter for the newspapers.  He has a Masters Degree in Political Science from Industrial College of Armed Forces and a Masters Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.  Robert's term ends 2020.  Contact Robert at

Robert Smith
  Vice President

Connie was born at Williams Air Force Base in Chandler, Arizona, in 1690.  She traveled around the United States with her Air Force family arriving at Edwards AFB in May 1967. In June 1974, the family was assigned to Germany and she spent five years in West Berlin behind the Iron Curtian, where she attended school and returned to Edwards AFB in 1979.  Connie graduated from Mojave High School, attended beauty school in Lancaster and has been cutting hair ever since.  Connie has one son Colton, and one daughter Marissa.  She owns her own home in California City next door to her parents.  Connie's term ends 2020.  Contact Connie at

Connstance Bentley

Born in Redlands, CA, Karen was elected to the East Kern Health Care Board of Directors in 2018, for a term that ends 2022.  With a business background that spanned over 30 years in wholesale produce, she found her passion for spirituality, mental health and well-being, and physical health when she certified as a Life Coach, an Executive Coach, and an NLP Master Practitioner.  After almost 2 decades of experience as a volunteer with L.A. County Department of Mental Health, she was drawn to public service to put all her extensive knowledge to use in Eastern Kern County.  Karen has lived in California City since 2013 and is dedicated to the health and well-being of our rural population. 

Contact Karen at

Karen Macedonio  Director

Tawney was born in Long Beach, CA. She attended high school in Newport Beach, CA. College was attended in Santa Barbara, CA where she earned an geotechnology degree. Subsequently graduating from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine in 1992 and began her acupuncture practice in 1993. She opened the Energetic Healing Center – a California City acupuncture office in 2005.  Tawney is community oriented and loves to
help people.  In 2018 Tawney was reelected to the East Kern Health Care District Board of Directors. Her term ends in 2022.  Contact Tawney at

Tawney Sparks

Tiffanie is married with four children.  She has lived in California City with her family since 2004.  She is very involved in the community and especially with the youth.  Contact Tiffanie at

Tiffanie Breen
 District Manager
PO Box 2546
California City CA 93504

Monday -  Friday  by appointment
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